DA Aromatherapy Brand 2.0

DA Aromatherapy Brand 2.0

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  Our Commitment to the Environment. We are serious about developing natural products with organically grown ingredients and providing environmentally-friendly alternatives to chemically produced pesticides. We created DA Aromatherapy because we believe that living life organically is better for us and our families, it is also much better for ecosystems and the health of our Planet. Every time we […]

Interior Design and Renovation Project by Duncan Avenue Design Studio in Hudson Valley / Cornwall on Hudson, NY

Historic Cornwall on Hudson Home Reimagined by Duncan Avenue Design Studio

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Historic Cornwall on Hudson Home Reimagined by Duncan Avenue Design Studio Interior Design by Maxwell & Dino Alexander / Duncan Avenue Design Studio Construction by ToughConstruct | Hudson Valley Photography by Maxwell Alexander Welcome to the historic (circa 1870) home in the heart of the quaint Village of Cornwall on Hudson, NY. Completely reimagined by […]

Design is the language of the Universe and being able to speak this language is the greatest gift and responsibility one can possess. - Maxwell L. Alexander

Cosmic Intelligence of Design – Visual Essay by Maxwell L. Alexander

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In this visual essay, I am making an outline of a thrilling journey of intellectual exploration of reality through Design. As per the notion that was given to me by my favorite School of Visual Arts mentor Sarah Giovanitti, I am a Designer with a capital “D” and until very recently I couldn’t grasp the […]